What knowledge, skills and attitudes do settlement workers need in the digital era?

At a workshop last year, I asked a group of participants to break into groups and identify the top four things settlement workers need to know, top four skills that they must possess, and the top four work-related attitudes and behaviours in the era of digital service delivery. Interestingly, there wasn’t much overlap between groups. This suggests the richness of human service work, as well as its complexity.

Episode 3: Dave Montague – exploring the human service worker side of technology

In this episode, I wanted to explore the human service worker side of things. If we’re going to talk about technology in human services, we can’t leave the service agencies and workers out. To be aspirational is great. But, what does it take to make it work, practically, day to day?

Episode 2: Jason Shim – harnessing technology to make a difference in the world

On this episode, I’m talking with Jason Shim. Jason’s a connector, an innovator with an insatiable curiosity. He shares his experience, learning and knowledge freely, humbly, and with insight and analysis.I’m so excited to bring his insights, energy and experience to all of you.

Social media monitoring tools – do you really need to go premium?

I’ve been asked a few times about my media/social media monitoring and have shared some stuff, so thought I’d just post it here! I use a suite of free tools to do our mainstream and social media monitoring tools. That being said, I’ve looked into a few services (they all give excellent demos and free trial periods, Read more about Social media monitoring tools – do you really need to go premium?[…]

How to help someone use social media

(This article is adapted (well, really a couple of words were searched and replaced somewhat cheekily, but I think with good, timely, relevant effect!) from this page, which was adapted from The Network Observer. Copyright 1996 by Phil Agre.) Social Media people are fine human beings, but they do a lot of harm in the Read more about How to help someone use social media[…]