October 26, 2023

OCASI Conference 2023 – Hybrid services and hybrid work

You’re implementing and providing hybrid services. You’re figuring out what hybrid work model works for your organization. You’re trying to figure out what works best for the Newcomers and communities you serve. It’s still all a bit overwhelming.

Are you:

  • Surviving? Getting by; doing what you need to, using digital tools; focused on short-term goals; talking about remote work, limited Newcomer involvement
  • Striving? Planning & talking about how work is changing; medium-term goals; planning remote work, Newcomers can be involved in service design
  • Thriving? Hit your stride, hybrid service strategy; long-term goals; implementing remote work strategy, Newcomers are deeply involved in service design

Most of the organizations I’ve asked are surviving or striving. While almost a third indicate they’re thriving, that’s not enough. The question is, how do we move together as a sector to thrive in the transition to a hybrid service model?

This panel will help answer that. In this workshop you’ll hear from three different sector perspectives.

Your panelists and additional resources

A front line service provider organization will provide their experience transition to a sector hybrid service/work model.

Lucia Harrison – getting hybrid services and work right is a whole organization effort

An SDI-funded project will bring a hybrid service evaluation toolkit you can use to ensure you move your organization to thriving (even if you’re already thriving I promise you’ll learn something!)

Wired: Evaluating Settlement Online (WESO)

A virtual care/digital compassion project focusing on Newcomers will bring a needed “beyond technology” perspective to the panel and discussion

Beyond Technology: Digital Health Compassion for Canadian Immigrants and Refugees

You’ll leave this discussion with practical next steps, a sense of what we can and should do as a sector, and how best to advocate for all of that with our sector leaders and funders.

Interested in continuing the conversation?

Join the Leveraging technology in the Immigrant & Refugee-serving Sector email list/discussion group.

This group is for people doing work or research on digital transformation, digital literacy, digital inclusion, organizational change related to digital, or another related topic in the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector who wan to share and make connections for your work. We’d all like to learn more about your work, and share what we’re working on and learning. Join us!