Settlement and Integration Sector Virtual Learning Exchange panel

Recording: Settlement and Integration Sector Virtual Learning Exchange

This is a recording and notes from presentations at an immigrant and refugee-serving sector-only virtual event on June 16, 2020. I was honored to moderate the panel. The panelists focused on technological adaptations made to settlement service delivery due to COVID-19, share promising practices and challenges, as well as other outcomes from the sector discussion.

Thoughts on virtual meetings

Thoughts on virtual meetings

You know when you’re compiling resources to read and share later and then you don’t? Yeah. The title of this post is the subject line of an email from a colleague who asked me about how to improve online meetings and webinars. And it occurred to me that I had answers! All waiting to be shared. Thank you for asking! So, here is what I sent. I hope you find this useful.

Digital inclusion and the digital divide

Digital inclusion and the digital divide

Given income inequality and poverty trends among newcomers, especially those from racialized groups, along with trends towards increased digital service provision across sectors, it should be a concern to us that, while newcomer clients can be among the most digitally literate and connected, they can be among the most vulnerable and still remain digitally, socially, and economically isolated.

the more we share

The more we share…

It’s never been more important to share how we’re doing. Share successes, new models of service delivery, but also the struggle. I’ve been enjoying seeing how immigrant and refugee-serving agencies have been successfully pivoting to online services. I’ve been enjoying even more how some are sharing their experiences. There is so much to learn from each other.

how are you

Survey: immigrant and refugee-serving sector experience with your shift to remote/digital work. How are you?

So often we don’t focus on the helpers. I think it’s important to do that now and always. Immigrant and refugee-serving organizations have suddenly started working and serving clients remotely. So we quickly created a sector survey to check in with workers and leadership during this time of everyone suddenly moving to remote/digital work.