An overview of pre-arrival services in Canada’s West

Organized by the Western Region Working Group (WRWG), this recent webinar took a look at:

  1. Pre-arrival immigrant services in the Canadian context
  2. Agencies providing pre-arrival services in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  3. Various forms of pre-arrival services provided in the Western Provinces
  4. Pre-arrival services delivery practices in the Western Provinces

It provided a useful overview of activity happening in Western Canada, how it’s being coordinated and managed, and where there is some evaluation being done.

Have a watch:

In 2014, WRWG published an environmental scan “to explore and capture current trends, successes and challenges at the immigrant sector’s system level, generate a coherent narrative supported by facts, and set the foundation for dialogue, strategic planning, and stakeholder influence.” The scan looks broadly at the sector, but also includes a review of technology trends.

Download the WRWG Environmental Scan (PDF).

The report appendices might also be of interest:

More about WRWG (from the Environmental Scan):

“The Western Region Working Group (WRWG) is a collective of the four provincial (BC, AB, SK, and MB) umbrella and one territorial (YK) settlement organizations that function within   Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) Western Region as defined in 2013.  Newly formed in October 2013, the WRWG was established for these five partners to work together collaboratively to rationally influence best practices in the settlement sector.  The group is currently undertaking an environmental scan and strategic plan to establish a common knowledge base and focus for its initial activities.”

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