Newcomers accessing services – the reports behind the stats

If you’ve been in the sector, you’ve heard stats thrown around about how only about 40% of newcomers actually access settlement services. I’ve compiled a summary of some research where those numbers come up. You can download a bunch of reports with more detailed information. This isn’t meant to be the definitive list, just useful reports I’ve found on the topic.

Innovative Outreach Strategies to Reach Newcomers

Many thanks to AMSSA in British Columbia for having me present this workshop to settlement and language workers across the province. I’m definitely not a marketing expert. But, like making technology, or any service choices, it all comes down to being strategic and knowing/understanding your client.

Social media/networks/services for newcomers – focus on employment

In 2012, Diane Dyson and I presented at the second #CdnImm event: Knowledge-Sharing on Canadian Immigration. Our focus was on employment information/services/technology use with newcomers, etc. Here’s a brief overview: “You Read more about Social media/networks/services for newcomers – focus on employment[…]