TiHS Episode 15: Roxana Salehi – tips for working virtually

TiHS Episode 15 Roxana Salehi

You’ve likely been inundated with articles, tips, courses, webinars and more about working virtually. I’ve shared a lot of those materials.

Within my network, when I saw Roxana share that she’s been getting lots of requests for tips about how to work virtually, I thought we should chat.

In this interview, Roxana shares her experience working both as part of international virtual teams, as well as a remote consultant. She shares tips about :

  • logistics
  • platforms for meetings
  • how to optimize those platforms for effective work and meetings
  • how to best prepare for and run virtual meetings/work
  • some other useful tips about doing virtual work.

Roxana offers many practical tips from her experience that are valuable for anyone who might be just getting started on remote work.

Roxana is the founder and principal consultant of Vitus Consulting, a firm dedicated to turning research and evaluation data into strategic insight. She is also a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Global Child Health at SickKids Hospital. She has been working with and as part of virtual teams for several years. She now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.  She’s passionate about tackling local and global health challenges, and loves hiking in nature and dark chocolate. You can find her at vitus.ca or  roxana@vitus.ca

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