Digital transformation in settlement services

This webinar focused on enabling service transformation through digital transformation. It described how digital transformation is more than implementing software, developing a mobile app or upgrading digital infrastructure. It is about changing the way you provide services and enhance client outcomes, by leveraging digital capabilities.

Digital transformation is about engaging clients & enriching their experience, empowering staff & volunteers, optimizing operations, protecting the security & privacy of digital assets such as client data, and transforming products and services.

I co-presented this workshop with the folks at INVORG (my presentation begins around 31:50 in the video). Their CEO Joesph Edward and I provided an overview of digital transformation and what it means for immigrant and refugee-serving agencies. We shared a roadmap and best practices for all levels of agency staff to embark on a digital transformation journey.

About INVORG: INVORG was established to help small, midsized government, not-for-profit organizations, and other businesses with innovation by closing the gap between IT (Information Technology), strategic planning, and the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

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