Ending gender-based violence – a series of webinar recordings

These appeared in my YouTube subscriptions, I hadn’t heard about them previously. They appear to be part of OCASI’s project: Initiative to End Gender-Based Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities.

The recordings look interesting, and worth a dive in. You can treat them like a mini course. Maybe watch them together for a lunch and learn with colleagues and discuss.

A Path to Allyship: Men’s Role in Ending Gender-Based Violence

In this webinar (33:22 long), Leroy Milton speaks to the need to promote healthy masculinity and engage men and boys in gender-based violence prevention.

Demanding Justice : Migrant Caregivers and Gender-Based Violence

In this webinar (53:57 long), Kara Manso speaks about the background of the Caregivers program and how precarious status and requirements of the program cause Care Workers’ to have increased vulnerability to gender-based violence and labour exploitation.

Supporting Somali Survivors of Gender Based Violence

In this webinar (42:20 long), Huda Hassan walks us through some of the key concepts and principles to keep in mind when supporting Somali survivors of gender-based violence.

What is Misogynoir?

In this webinar (57:50 long), Yami Msosa introduces the topic of Misogynoir, and covers how it relates to gender-based violence against Black women and non-binary folks.

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