Episode 1: Welcome to the Technology in Human Services podcast!

THSpodcast-logoWelcome to my new podcast!

I’m going to bring you ideas, initiatives and individuals doing interesting and unique things with technology in their human service work.

There are thousands of human and community service non profits that want and need to use technology, especially social media, in their service work. That’s what I’m interested in and am going to explore in this podcast.

I’ve got lots of ideas and opinions on all of this and I’m happy to share them. But I think this podcast will be most useful and interesting talking to other people. Practitioners using or struggling with technology in service delivery, experts on particular areas of technology, such as encryption or community management. Sector leaders moving their organizations forward on officiating online services. Sceptics who think that technology use on human services is a mistake.

I want to talk to people doing interesting things with technology in human service. People struggling to figure it out. People doing it, but not really talking about it. There’s a lot going on below the radar. Lots of frontline workers use technology with their clients, and that’s great. But I also want to explore the ethical, privacy, confidentiality and other important service issues associated with technology use.

I want to look at policies and processes that some organizations have in place to guide their staff and clients.

Because I have mainly worked in the immigrant and refugee settlement services sector, I’ll be talking to many people there about what they’re. But, I’m also going to talk to people in other sectors. I think we all have much to learn from each other.

This is a short first introductory podcast. I hope you find this of interest as well.

If you’re listening, thank you! Let me know what you think and what you want me to explore. If you’ve got something to share, get in touch! If you’re working on a technology project, or want to be, let’s chat!

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