Online research – an approach to learn from

This video provides a great overview of one person’s approach to online/digital research.

I’ve always found “a day in the life of” posts, presentations and videos incredibly useful and insightful. Having someone explain their own workflow, use of tools, choices, etc., is always helpful and opens me up to new ideas, approaches and possibilities. Always something to learn, even if it’s positioned as “<something> 101”. Always useful.

In this video, Stephen Downes outlines his approach. He’s a researcher at the National Research Council, which is his official work-related bio. But, he’s so much more, especially in the realms of elearning, digital rights management, content syndication, organizing and presenting information and learning online. If you’re not following him on social media or subscribed to his blog, there’s much great thinking and sharing there to benefit from. Find out more on his site and subscribe to one of his channels.

His description of this presentation”

“In this video I sketch my approach to research online as contrasted to the usual and expected mode of research undertaken in science and academia.”

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