Episode 5 – Walter Yu – the simplicity of technology for community connection

This episode is part 2 of a look at how the City of San Gabriel transformed its community outreach and engagement with local Chinese-language residents. In this episode, I speak to Walter Yu about how his simple idea became the foundation for the City of San Gabriel, and others, including local police departments, to change how they connected with Chinese-language residents.

Episode 4: Lauren Gold – multilingual social media and community engagement

In this episode, I explore the idea of going to where your audience is and connecting with them there. For most nonprofits, getting on social media tends to mean setting up a Facebook page, Twitter account, maybe LinkedIn and Instagram. Many do it even before figuring out if their audience or clients are there. But, what if the people you’re really trying to connect and engage with aren’t on those platforms? What if they’re not even speaking English (or your native language)?