November 3, 2015

CIN workshop – Working on-line effectively and securely

Thanks very much for attending my recent workshop. I thought we had a great discussion and I’m hoping you got something out of it. As promised, below are my slides and other resources from the workshop.

Workshop description

Online tools have an incredible impact on society and how we get and use information. But what do they really do? How can we use them? Should we be using them? Our clients, volunteers and leaders are often among the most sophisticated users of technology. They have expectations about being able to communicate with us quickly and easily. How do we reach out to them with information in ways they can use? Your use of the internet should be connected to the work you do every day. What does this actually look like?

This interactive session will look at emerging trends and demonstrating best practices for online information & service provision. Marco will demystify online communication and e-service delivery and help you take the next steps in making practical, daily use of the web in your community engagement, client service and public campaigns.

Specifically, we reviewed:

  • enhancing client service options using Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  • online outreach, client service, and client referral opportunities with newcomers on immigration-focused networking sites such as,, Settlement.Org, and more
  • how technologies such as secure email communication can enhance communication with clients, online service provision (1-on-1 and group) that complements offline services (including real time technologies, such as webinar/screen sharing/web chat).
  • We will also explore use of video, audio and other media to incorporate into outreach efforts and online service provision.
  • We will also review time and human resource issues related to use of technology in service provision.


I’d love to hear from you about what you found useful in the workshop, what more you’d like to know and anything you want to share. Feel free to comment and let me know.

Workshop resources

Here are a number of workshop resources from our session together, including slides, documents and links to additional reading and resources.

Presentation slides (for download and embedded for quick viewing) CIN social media presentation (PDF)

Additional documents (all in PDF format):

Articles for further reading:

Great examples of innovative agencies offering online and hybrid services across the country:

Here are just a few of the larger English language online social networks where newcomers share information and orientation:

Online security and encryption:

Using video to welcome and direct

Here’s a quick and practical video, by CultureLink, that I showed you in the workshop: