Innovative Outreach Strategies to Reach Newcomers

Many thanks to AMSSA in British Columbia for having me present this workshop to settlement and language workers across the province. I’m definitely not a marketing expert. But, like making technology, or any service choices, it all comes down to being strategic and knowing/understanding your client.

RSS feeds: what they are and how to use them

Imagine getting updated as soon as information you need/want is published. Someone you follow finds a cool link, writes a great post, an article that mentions your organization is published, you’re mentioned in the news… With RSS feeds, as soon as the content you’re interested in is published, it’s shared with you.

Social media monitoring tools – do you really need to go premium?

I’ve been asked a few times about my media/social media monitoring and have shared some stuff, so thought I’d just post it here! I use a suite of free tools to do our mainstream and social media monitoring tools. That being said, I’ve looked into a few services (they all give excellent demos and free trial periods, Read more about Social media monitoring tools – do you really need to go premium?[…]